Motorhome Share welcome

THE Motorhome Holiday Club: holidays without the cost and hassle of motorhome ownership.

Motorhoming is a rapidly growing pastime in the UK. It's a fantastic way to holiday in the great outdoors, more affordable than sailing, easier than mountaineering, more comfortable than camping and far more flexible than staying in hotels.

Trust us on that, we've tried them all.

MotorhomeShare membership gives you access to a fleet of motorhomes during your 3 year membership so you can go where you want, when you want in the vehicle you want. Your membership rate is set when you join so you fix the cost of your holidays for 3 years - simple!


Discovery Membership is now available

Looking to get away in a motorhome for perhaps a fortnight one year, perhaps a few weekends another year and maybe a mix of both after that?

Discovery Membership gives you exactly this: With a pot value of 270 points you can have the motorhome holidays you desire with all the benefits of our larger membership plans.

Flexible Payment Options

After listening to our customers, we can now offer Motorhome Holiday Club membership with lower entry fees. By copying the model offered by car leasing companies, we can now offer a 3+35 payment model across ALL membership levels.

Pay just 3 months up front and then spread the cost of 3 years holidays across 35 months keeping your payments low and your holiday costs fixed for 3 years.

Our other payment options are still available too. PLUS, if you want to customise your initial payment to suit you we can accommodate this. We can then work out the monthly payments so they are tailored to you.

More details are available on our blog here.