Who we are




"With seven years experience of the motorhome hire business, the journey to launching this model has been a very natural progression. People want flexibility. We are increasingly living in a 'sharing economy' where traditional ownership is less popular. We rent our cars through products like PCP and increasingly rent our homes. Why should motorhome holidays be any different? We believe we have a great opportunity to deliver motorhome holidays to a changing marketplace. The demand is there but often the funds to purchase are not. The market is changing and we are excited to be leading the way."




"Having owned a number of motorhomes over the past decade, I know motorhome ownership can be extremely rewarding. Equally, it can be a hassle. It takes time to prepare the motorhome for each trip and can be costly, particularly for those with young families. Cleaning and maintenance can be time consuming, and the pressure is on you to ensure the motorhome is roadworthy and legal. MotorhomeShare takes all that hassle away. It's a case of turn up and go! Plus, why have a financial liability sat on your drive losing money for most of the year when you could use it when you want it AND you never have to clean it!"

Our Journey...

We've come a long way since our inception. It's difficult to pinpoint where the journey actually started, since many of our team have owned and loved motorhomes years before forming the passion into a business. But maybe we'll stick to the business side for now...

In 2010, our MD, Matt, set up a dealership to sell new and used motorhomes and caravans, offering motorhome hire and storage too. This may sound similar to what we do now, but believe us when we say we have learnt a lot since then and we certainly have a lot more to offer!

Developing from this, Matt moved on to create The Motorhome Holiday Company in 2015. The philosophy was simple; a local, family run business focused on hiring out luxury motorhomes with great customer service at its heart.

Over the last few years we have had fantastic opportunities to expand and form services like MotorhomeShare™, allowing more people to enjoy the motorhome holiday life without breaking the bank, and MotorhomeEarn™, where you can get a return on your own motorhome whilst reaping all the benefits of the best care provided.

Now, in 2019, we have a fantastic site, where we are able to organise open days whenever the weather permits us to drag the BBQ out. We are also growing our sales side of the business and have taken over a storage site, so that we can provide our quality services to more of you, including caravan, campervan and boat owners.

As an approved motorhome service centre for a number of manufacturers, our team are very experienced at ensuring our motorhomes and those of our customers are looked after and kept in tip top condition, ready for use.

We have won numerous awards including South West Business Awards for Leisure and Tourism in 2018 and 2019, a South West Tourism Award in 2018 and in 2019 won a 'Customer Service Excellence Award' and 'Best Luxury Motorhome Hire Business - UK.'

So that's our motorhome journey, now let us help you start yours!

Why does MotorhomeShare exist?

Motorhoming is rapidly growing in the UK: it is a great way of experiencing the great outdoors more comfortably than with a tent and more flexibly than with a hotel or guest house.

We are owners of motorhomes and use them for getting quality time exploring with our families and friends. We want to help more people experience the joy and freedom that this activity offers.

We'd like to invite you to join a group of like-minded individuals that don't want the hassle of owning an expensive asset that sits around for most of the year but do want all the benefits a motorhome brings: freedom and flexibility!

MotorhomeShare™ has been designed to fit your lifestyle and give you the adventures you have been dreaming of.


Belmont might just be about to start a revolution. There must be thousands of folk out there who’ve thought they could never afford to own a motorhome, or indeed never believed they could justify such a purchase. Well, now they can.

- Nick Harding,  Leisure Industry Journalist