Discovery Membership Launch

A new, even more accessible product from MotorhomeShare – the flexible motorhome holiday club

We are very excited to be able to tell people about a new and even more accessible membership level for MotorhomeShare.

Welcome to Discovery Membership

Discovery members get 270 points each year for their 3 year membership with is enough for 2 weeks in the summer OR 2 weeks in mid-season and a long weekend OR 4 long weekends OR a 10 day trip and 2 long weekends – it is their choice about how and when they use their points or even who uses them!

We have introduced a new payment plan: 3+35 for all of our membership levels. Discovery membership is available from £657 joining fee and £219 per month for 3 years (APR 6.7%) which gives you up to 7½ weeks of holiday during your membership. We also include a second driver, driving insurance cover for 2 weeks each year, bedding – these benefits are worth up to £1,704 during your membership. Our motorhomes are fully equipped so you can have a great trip away – all you need are your clothes and an imagination.

This is a great opportunity to lock your holiday prices for the next 3 years so there won’t be any increases during your membership.

Hear more from Matt on the detail

Finally, we have achieved Financial Conduct Authority authorisation, so we are now a regulated company. As part of the process, the FCA looked at our processes, products and documentation to make sure that we treat customers fairly and they looked at our financial performance to ensure that we are sustainable as a business. We are very proud of getting their authorisation.


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